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Our product store is on hiatus due to a family emergency until December 5th.
Thank you!

Released Today-New PhotoPlay Line

Crop Circles

I could not wait until Spotlight Saturday to announce this new line!
Just released today, new PhotoPlay Line, shipping in July.

The Story Continues!

With the unprecedented popularity of Living the Quarantine Life,
The New Normal is the next chapter in documenting
the historical Coronavirus and how it has impacted all of our lives.

The line includes the Collection pack where you get 12 sheets (2 of each design), Ephemera and Stamp Set.  I am not a stamper, but for sure will be ordering one for me.  I have been making many cards since I can't see my friends, so these are perfect.

All these collections are on our Pre-Order section and also in our
all new "Feature Product" which is on the home page.
Or you can search "The New Normal" and they will pull up.

I am placing my Pre-Order with PhotoPlay today
so I will be one of the first in line to receive this product
and can get it right out to you all!

I would not normally offer any discounts on Brand New products,
but as a thank you for all your support during these crazy times,
I am giving 15% off for the next 3 days only!   

While you are placing this order, you might want to look at the other items we have on Pre-Order and I can ship all of them together!