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Product Updates

Crop Circles

Product Updates

We have so much going on here at Crop Circles, that my head is literally exploding!  So I had to send an e-mail.  I usually wait for my Spotlight Saturday, but I just could not!

I am crazy excited to be adding Stamping/Die Cuts/Mixed Media to our Scrapbook products.  Don't get me wrong, I will still bring you the latest and greatest in the Scrapbooking World!  But now we can dive into this other world that I have been too intimidated to get into, but have been wanting to for a long time.  Now that my website is expanding, I can add these items in. But I need some feed back from you all.  When I log onto my Distributor website, and search stamps, for example, there are 50 million!!  Well, I am exaggerating but not by much......So since I don't have millions of dollars to just order all of them for my store...haha....I need some help from you all. 

First of all, if you are already a stamper, which brands do you prefer? 
Or do you just buy the designs you like?  

I will also be getting into die cutting, which again they have 50 million different shapes!  My favorite right now are the stamp/die combos. How about you?  

I know many of you use the Cricut or something similar and I understand how versatile it is but I have never been interested in using a machine/computer while crafting.  I am on my laptop all day, so when I sit down to craft, I want to get away from it.  haha
Do any of you feel the same? 

If I started selling the thin die cuts that you use with a Big Shot or something similar,
would you be interested?

I am also bringing in some stencils (which you will see why after you purchase our Distress Oxide Ink Class Kit) so do you use stencils or have you always wanted to try them? 

Right now I have been drooling over all the new and even not so new Stamps and Dies from Pink Fresh Studio.  So they will probably be the first ones I order.  Plus Pink and Main has always been a great company.   

In the beginning, I will be adding to our store's inventory a few items from each of these categories.  But mostly, I will be offering the other 49 million of them on a Pre-Order basis. That way I don't have to buy a bigger house for my inventory.  haha 
I know this will make the shipping time frame to you a little longer, but I will make it worth your while by adding in some free goodies to your package!

On a side note, I do appreciate so much all your support of my small business.  I know you could just order from Amazon or other larger scrapbook companies and get your items quicker, but you have chosen me and it really does mean a lot.  I am just a one person show and I work my hardest to ship your items out to you plus add many new products to my website along with designing classes and many other behind the scenes activities, so know that I appreciate your loyalty to me.  It does not go unnoticed.....

Mixed Media Class

The interest has been so wonderful for our first Mixed Media Class that I have already ordered more product!  As of right now, I have just 4 Kits Left

So in case you missed it........

For years we have wanted to dive into the Mixed Media realm but never had the time.  Well I found someone to help me with that.  Her name is Heather.  She is not only a super sweet person but very talented!  

With the purchase of one of our Mixed Media Kits, you will be able to attend a virtual class or we will send you an instructional pre-recorded video.  These Kits are Technique Driven but we will give you supplies to complete at least 1 project. 

Here are my thoughts on this.  I personally have wanted to learn about stamping and watercolors etc., but I didn't want to invest a ton of money into all the supplies, take a class and realize I don't even like it.  So when Heather and I were brainstorming about how to do this, we said why not make reasonably priced Kits that help people to "dip their toes in the water" and see if they even like the techniques before they buy tons of products.  So that is what this is about.  It is not intended for you to just complete a project.  The Kits and Classes are about learning how to use a type of product in various ways, while making a small project.  Then if you love what you learned, I will have various colors of that product on my website for you to purchase and continue creating!  We will even have special offers to those that purchase Kits. 

Our first Kit will be featuring the Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Inks. Heather's favorite!
She will show us (yes I am taking the classes right along with you!)
several ways to use these inks, including with stencils.
Here are the cards she will show us how to make using different techniques.  

An example of how Heather is working hard to keep your costs down, instead of including the stamp set in the Kit, she is pre-stamping images for us, so we can play and make all of our mistakes in the class instead of later on our own projects. 

Go to our website to check out all the details and purchase the Kit

The Live Virtual Class will be Saturday Aug 1st  2pm EST  

If some reason this link takes you to the home page (I think there is a glitch) then you can click on Feature Product or Kits and you will see Mixed Media Kit.

Heather is already working on our second Kit and is super excited about it!

Thank you for your continued support.